What Do You Guys think of Auburn State Recreation Area

Any of you "No. Cal guys" ridden at Auburn State Recreation Area, Mammoth Bar OHV Area?

Two guys from Vancouver are meeting with Two Buds from So Cal. on 8/19 and were considering riding here. Anybody tried this or recommend elsewhere.



I ride up their a couple of times a month. Beautiful area along the American River. It has a motocross track and trails for all levels. A lot of political crap is going on there right now so I recommend you read up on some of stuff. Go to www.mbra.com/index.asp

They may be closing down soon on Saturdays if it has not already happened, so read the info from the riders association. Also they do at times test for DB ratings. Must be below 101, so if you have a loud bike, get their early and stay on the trails most of the day, otherwise they may kick you out. Gate opens at 8 am to 8 pm, no red stickers, good staging area, no fees. You should have a great time. Not a huge park but plenty to make a good day of it. If you are going to be their let me know via email and maybe we can hook up and I show you area.


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