New yz (it's your doing!!)

I just want to thank all of you for the info on the YZ line. I just purchased an 07 450 a week ago unseen, do to the stuff that i read here at TT!! The bike is amazing in everyway especialy since I am comming from a drz400s, that just couldn't handle what I was doing to it, poor little bike. I did the break in like the dealership said, then even an extra hour of easy riding, then let er rip. Unfrickin believable:eek: the power is awsome, and my buddy on the rmz couldn't believe that i had it in me to outdo him, that made it worthwhile right there!! Thanks for all the info, you have made me YZER!!:worthy:


deffinately a great choice! i just got myself an 03 and yes..they are very different..but man! such powerrr!! congrats!

Congrats, here come the mods!

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