Hi All,

I have been following the posts over the last few months with interest. The posts in question are those that focus on children.

I must say, I am extremely pleased that many of you have children that are interested in riding also. This pleases me to no end. Afterall, having children is a gift in itself and then to have children, and wife, that are also interested in riding is an added bonus.

I watch the posts and everbodies enthusiasm about riding. The enthusiasm is real and enjoyable. But, when children are mentioned, all of a sudden the tempo is increased and the happiness in the posts are felt.

Well done all and I truly hope I enjoy the gift of children in the next 18 months.



I am torn between buying a QUAD for the family or another bike (Honda XR100). My oldest daughter and wife could ride the XR, EVERYBODY can ride the quad. I already own a Honda 50 Minitrail that the kids do ride (It is now disasssembled). Of course I'd like to see them on the bike, and I would FULLY support any of them racing, but I am torn between what I want and what is best for everybody.


I also hope kids are in your future, they make a family complete. My daughter is fourteen and loves to race motocross. My son is eleven and likes to trail ride. I also have a beutifull wife that rides. We spend almost every weekend with activities revolving around motorcycles in some way or another, it might be a race for my daughter or just trail riding as a family,I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be able to enjoy an activity with the whole family that I live and breath! I hope you can enjoy it too!

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Hey Guys,

Kevvie - Buy the quad. If the WR breaks down, then you can have fun on the quad. You cant have fun on the XR100.. WEll not much anyway. Also, the quad will allow youi to have the kids on the bike with you, just playing around and such... The quad would be fun at MOAB... :)

Rick - Good for you, really.. :D My wife dispises bikes for a multitude of reasons. She will not get on one again any time soon. As such, I dont think my kids will ride. I have too many scars to worry about and not to have to worry about those scars appearing on them. BUT, if they waqnt to ride, then I will encourage them to no end.. :D


My son has a 2000 XR100. If I were to get a bike today for him, I would seriously consider the new TTR-125.

Change that - I would by the TTR-125.

There is no doubt that it would woop ass on the XR.

Check it out

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I had a friend tell me that a friend of hers bought the TTR-125 and was so umimpressed that she sold it after only a couple of rides. She replaced it with a KX100. Don't know much more than that but that is what I heard.

Originally posted by Mitch from Oz:

Well done all and I truly hope I enjoy the gift of children in the next 18 months.


Mitch.. you trying to say you and the Mrs are trying?? .. good luck! :)

If it doesn't work for ya.. I'll have a go! :D:D:D:D (in your place.. not your Mrs's!)



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I havn't been lucky enough to have children yet, but I can still remember my first ride on a bike, it was my grandfather who taught me to ride and it was he who introduced me to this great sport. I was completely unaware up until about 12months ago about his racing days at the Isle of Manne TT. It was unfortunate that for a number of reasons he couldn't pass on all that he knew, he has gone now but when ever I ride I know he's with me.

One day I hope to pass on what I have learned and keep the tradition and memory going.

Yep, I'm truly looking forward to the day I can take my soon to be child for her/his first ride.

I just got back from a weekend family trip with my wife and her entire family in Buena Vista, CO. They all ride and they took there kids with them. While they are not yet riding on their own yet, the fathers were more than happy to carry them on their bikes for 60 miles.

I had a lot of fun with my 17 year old nephew who we let ride my wife's XR250 since she wisely declined to ride, being pregnant and all. He has recently begun to take a bigger interest in riding. I took him on an extended ride Saturday, just me and him. I was like, I can't wait until I can do this with my child someday.


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