2003 wr 450 questions

What can you tell me to look out for on this bike?

Im looking at getting one soon

Is a 03 wr450 a good bike? is it better or worse than a 2001 yz 426??

Is it street legal?


I have the first 03 WR 450 of any ThumperTalk member. It has 5800 miles and other than a couple of fork seals and bushings last year and a new chain and sprockets last month, I have had no issues with my bike. Some people had the woodruff key on the flywheel shear off. (some had it happen more than once) That , to my knowledge is the only major problems for the 03. If it hasn't happened by now, it probably won't.

No WR is street legal from the factory. You have to build or install an aftermarket dualsport kit such as www.trickdualsport.com makes. The TDS kit is a plug and play kit with easy to follow directions and is "stupid proof".

It needs no extra work done to the stator like some other kits. Dale also has the best customer service, bar none.:applause:


Oh! I forgot to mention that the 426 is a kickstart only where the 450s are all electric start with a kicker for backup.


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