Moved my forks up....

8mm and didn't seem to notice anything accept it is not as stable at higher speeds. I thought I was going to notice better steering! Should I move them up a little more? If I do, wont this make it even MORE unstable? Where do you all run your forks at?

I have a 99 WR and moved mine to 10mm past the top and it turns so much better i couldn't believe it!

I moved mine up 10mm and I noticed a difference. But I also changed the tire, seat, and tank all at the same time. I spoke with a guy who said he moves his almost an inch. That sounds like a lot. I'm getting a Scotts damper this week and was wondering the same thing about moving them up. I'll let you know once its on.



2000 WR

I noticed a HUGE differnce. Mine are 10mm above the clamp if you measure to the top of the tube, or 13mm if you measure to the top of the fork cap. Any higher than that didn't work any better for me so I've settled on this setting. Also, make sure you have your rear preload (sag) at 90mm-100mm. Anything more than that will do just the opposite of raising the forks.


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Yep, 10mm also. I also noticed a nice difference in turning.

I have a question for those who have the Scott's triple clamp set up that moves the forks back 5mm. Can I still run my forks up in the clamps by 10mm? Or did you set them back to flush?

Getting rid of the stock 739 front will also help the bike turn.

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