4-speed vs 5-speed for lots of uses.

I am in the market for a used yz450f and was wondering if people had any issues with the 4 speed tranny gear spacing.

I plan on doing a little MX track use but more riding in the woods (mixture of tight and fast trails) and some dune riding with a paddle tire.

Would the 4 speed tranny have to large of gear spacing for tight woods use or run out of steam on the top end?

Would I need to have a bunch of sprokets depending on what i wanted to use it for? (wide open on dunes and some dune hill climbs)

I would be looking at 450's btw, not 426's.

I like my 4 speed, but I don't really ride truly tight woods areas, and the tighter trails that I ride don't require a lot of top speed. If geared to do one thing, it would suffer some at the other extreme. To an extent, though, all MX bikes regardless of whether a 4 or 5 speed are the same way.

Still, the 5 speed is that much more versatile. A 4-speed 450 can be fitted with the complete trans from a '03-'06 WR450 for about $700, which would give you a true enduro gearset:


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