Chadwick was a scream!

Here I sit in Missouri at my dads computer dreaming of my ride last week at Chadwick.

Basically Darin (tricked out WR400) and Danny (YZ400) and Tim (KTM MX250) kicked my butt. They are awesome riders! Look out KerryT, I have some wheelie king competition for you. I had a screamin, kick ass, fantastic time. Thanks guys for being patient with this slow dry terrain rider.

Man! Was that an eye opener. I've always gloated about our Colorado trails and that's all I've ridden. Colorado trails are WIMPY WIMPY WIMPY!

You Colorado boys, take our rocky as hell Montrose race, add roots and BIG ruts and moss and mud and rain, THAT'S CHADWICK! No wonder those mid west and east coast guys are so damn fast. If you can ride fast in that stuff (which my hosts DID), you can SCREAM on buff single track like we ride in Colorado.

I came up to rock ledge hills like we have in Moab and thought, no problem, I can make it easily. Well, rock ledges aren't that easy when they are wet and muddy. DIGGER TIME!

A couple of times at the beginning of the day, I was ripping down some loose rocky trail, not too much unlike that I ride in Colorado, and hosts in front of me would bail off the trail. I remember thinking, 'why would they do that when the trail is so fun'. Next thing I knew, I was hitting about a 3 foot drop off into a rut at speed. YIKES! I learned quickly to follow their trail. In fact, after a few close calls I slowed it down a bit to avoid disaster. I think I'll have to work up to speed in that terrain.

It was a gas though. And they bike runs great at that lower altitude. It was LOTS of fun wheelying through the numerous puddles and streams. When I was done, everything was soaked on me and my bike. I rode through a season of steam crossings and puddles in one ride! Luckily I took a digger in a huge puddle at the end of the day that nicely cleaned off my and my bike without getting water in the air box (my bike skipped out the other side). :)

Next time someone tells me the WR isn't suited for tight twisty terrain, I'll laugh and tell them to go ride with the boys at Chadwick. That notion will be out the window in only a few short diggers, er I mean minutes of seeing them ride.

Now I've been doing family time the rest of my vacation: Go carts, water parks, MacDonalds. But you all know what I'd rather be doing!


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Hey Bryan,

Hope your having a great vacation!

Thanks for saying all those good things about our riding area. Id like more people come and check it out before the land grabbers get it. Its not a place too many know about.

Im not sure where you got the idea that we were fast though. You were doing excellent! I mean its not like you see that kind of terrain all the time and for a 1st timer you were smokin by the end of the day.

Look forward to another visit! Of couse I guess its my turn in 2 weeks!


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

I am in central Iowa and ussually make a trip or two to Stillwater riding park (Guy Coopers place) during the late winter months here in iowa. Anyway a few guys I met around here will be going to Chadwick in early December and I might go with. Sounds like my kind of terrain. Hope to have lots of fun. I will look you up Milkman if it gets to that point. Hopefully I will have my new YZ250F by the time they go. It is supposed to be in early december!!

Hey Guys and Bryan... Sorry, Bryan, you are one of the guys also.. :)

I hate asll of you.. I have not ridden dirt for about 6 weeks. Been too busy with road racing. Getting fast at that though.. I will be doing some riding after work during the week at the Laverton Test Ground. I figure being able to pound woops the size of sand dunes at speed will help in flying over rocky terrain.

Bryan, I am glad you are having a good time with your family.. :D But, you now need to get back to work:

Update the site


Wash me bike


Just kidding old Buddy. Have a great time and I will call you some time next week.


Absolutly Jim. Give me a holler when the time gets closer and I will be your personal tour guide. (not that you need one) Chadwick covers about 100 trail miles, but you can only go about 15-20 miles in each direction from camp. But dont worry, there is plenty of riding and then some.

That would be sweet Jim, I would love to check out one of those new YZ250's

Give me a holler when time nears.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

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Will do, hopefully I can get down there.

Missouri for 2001???

Now the eastern guys can come!!!!!!!!!

That would be great. I wouldnt have to log too many miles would I?



Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

Excellent Milky,

Count me in. Now who is gonna do the cookin'? Do you guys really eat Possum Pie or is that just Lousianna? :)


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark/James, got forked by Pro Action, DSP airbox, PB Header, Stroker SX-1, Thumper Rad Guards, Acerbis Hand Guards, WAITING IMPATIENTLY FOR MOAB, boning up on my sheep shearing skills!!

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Hey, Bryan. I ride/race with Darin and Danny and they're both good riders. You had excellent tour guides for Chadwick. I think a planned group ride of WR's would be great down there. Just promise to let me come along on my WR250! *L*

Mmmmmmmm...possum pie and rat-tail stew. Nothin could be finer for my diner.

We will hook you guys up with some good grub.

Java, That still gives me and the guys on this board a year to get you over to a WR400.


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

I feel like watchin' "Deliverance" right about now :) .

That would be awesome Danno.

It was a great time.

Speaking of trick, next time I need to check out you truck closer!


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