Best aftermarket plastics?

What's the best way to deal with plastics? I have a new wr and they are still in good shape except the front fender. So I went to buy a new fender and even the Yamaha one doesn't come with graphics. So I assume the Yamaha radaitor guards etc all come without grapics. It looks like putting the big graphics on would be difficult and expensive at best. So looking ahead at a resale eventually is it best to plan ahead and pull all the origional stuff off when new and run aftermarket to get all beat up? If so what brand of plastics and graphics is the best value - fit, finish, quality, cost etc?

Hello AZ, I take off all of my stock plastic when I get a new bike, I just bite the bullet and buy a complete set. So when I sell the bike I can put on the original plastic and make the bike look more valuable, so to answer your question "yes" it's a good idea.

I can buy an "OEM Yamaha" front fender for $20.00 that's a good deal, about the same price for the other brands and they look good. As far as putting graphics on you just have to learn how to do it yourself. Their are plenty of post here on TT that explain how to do it.

Good luck DL :)

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