stranded by the stator

Went out for a great ride sunday when I noticed that I had a horrific sound coming the stator area. I had know choice but to get off of the mountain peak (storm coming in), and try to limp it home. Half way there the bike dies on the road. Having to call my wife to rescue me and put the bike in the truck to finish the trip. When I got home I took the cover off to see what was going on and to my surprise one of the bolts that hold the stator to the cover came lose and was welding it self to the stator ( ). I was wondering if anyone else has ever heard of this or if it has happen to them. It's on a 2001 XR650R that had the ricky stator, Now have to get a new case, seal, stator, and all the bolts. The main problem is that to get to a dealer to get every thing is a 9 hour drive or 10 days to get things delived:banghead:

Just mail order it. No dealer will have parts like that in stock.

Failures like this reinforce my use of blue Locktite on just about every nut and bolt.

I have learned the hard way to locktite those bolts, when I installed it I never even thought about it. I know better this time!

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