This could be your riding area next! Please read...:

This is my first posting of a topic. Maybe you all are aware of this story, but I thought I'd pass it along, because of its potential consequences to all of us, regardless of where we live.

From Speedvision's website(, the article is as follows:

Off-Road Riding Banned In Tennessee Forests

Pickerington, Ohio, Aug. 4 — Tennessee officials have banned the off-road use of motorized vehicles in all state forests under emergency rules announced July 20, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) reports.

Under the new rules, announced jointly by the state's Agriculture Department, Department of Environment and Conservation, and Wildlife Resources Agency, all motorized vehicles are banned from state forests except on specified roads.

"Personal motorized vehicles may travel on paved roads where they're licensed to do so and on all gravel roads maintained by (the Division of) Forestry," the announcement said. "They may also be used on certain dirt roads if designated by signs. They are not allowed off roads at any time."

Violators face fines of up to $2,500 and a year in jail.

State officials said a permanent rule-making process to control off-highway vehicles (OHVs) will follow, but provided no details.

Major riding areas affected by the ban include the Chickasaw State Forest, Natchez Trace State Forest, Prentice Cooper State Forest and the Cedars of Lebanon State Forest.

"This amounts to a statewide ban of off-highway motorcycles and all-terrain

vehicles from nearly all public land," said Royce Wood, AMA legislative affairs

specialist. "Off-highway enthusiasts must get involved now to ensure that these

'emergency' rules don't become permanent."

Wood noted the Volunteer State Trailriders Association (VSTA) has been working with the state's Division of Forestry to create a state program that would manage OHV recreation while protecting the environment. The AMA supports the VSTA efforts and urges motorcyclists and all-terrain vehicle users to log on to the group's website at to learn how they can help.

(End of article)

I'm new to off-road bikes (and sleds) this year. However, as I learn more, I am beginning to realize that, more and more, our sport is requiring us to have a duality of passion: (1)enjoying our rides, and (2)fighting for our rights to access.

Did you notice that the action was taken "under emergency rules?" You know what that means. Probably no one was able to vote on it. Hey fellow Coloradans, just because we flood the petition lines with calls and emails(which is good--keep it up) and there is overwhelming support for knocking down the roadless initiative, don't be so complacent to think that we couldn't have the ol' rug pulled out from under us.

It seems that the way things are going, especially if Al Gore prevails, we will be added to that (mostly bogus) list of endangered species, except we will be excluded from federal protection.

As important as it is to maintain your bike, we must now work just as hard on keeping our trails open as we do keeping our bike running. I hate that. I didn't get into this sport to be political; hell, I ride to get away from all that crap. I'm sure you do too. I'm sure you feel equally frustrated, helpless, and at the mercy of our government. But it looks as though we're gonna have to fight using everything we can: our time, our friends, our legislators,our computers, our wits, our wallet, and our votes. As the Fox News video showed, todays protestors aren't protesting Vietnam or equal rights. Today's protestors are fighting tyranny from our own government. Just seems crazy.

What has happened?

It's not supposed to be like this...



You ar right on and the problem is that the OFF Road community is made up of very independent minded people who are hard to organize and get fired up to fight on a uniform front against all the BS. I tried for many years and spent numerous $ fighting but it seems almost imposssable as a our schools teach the GREEN theroy and not the true meaning of conservation, multi use, based on science and not the view of the hard enviromental community. Hell you end up arguing with children which means we will eventually loose.

All who can need to vote and not let Gore get in or we are truly doomed.

Respond to the urgent Dual Dogs post on this site. Pass it to you riding clubs and move out.

I feel like I'm fighting and invisible elusive target who we all elect.


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