cam chain guide help on a 426

Today while I was changing my spark plug, a bunch of crap fell in to the cylinder. so I took off the head and cleaned off the piston, but while putting it all back together, I cant get the exhaust cam in because the guide is in the way. I tried looking in the manual, but it doesn't really talk all that much about the cam chain guides and how to put them back in. anyone got any advice?

You won't like this:

When you put the head over the front chain guide, you knocked it out of place, and now you need to raise the head back up off of the cylinder to reposition it. The guide sits in a keyhole shaped socket at the bottom, and it's pretty willing to stay put there. Farther up, there are two pegs extending from the sides of the guide that fit into a pair of notches in the top of the cylinder. The head then sits down on these, holding them in place. Those pegs are now out of position to the rear of where they belong, so that the top of the guide is where the cam wants to be. The only way to fix it is to unbolt the head, raise it off the jug, and move the guide back where it belongs.

You must never ask me how I know this. :naughty:

You must never ask me how I know this. :naughty:

I don't need to. I've been there myself.

The common issue is folks tend to put the head gasket on, forget about the guide and then install the head, then they remember the missing guide and then the confusion begins. The guide pins fit the cylinder below the gasket, not on top of it.

You almost need 3 hands to put a head back on a 426.

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