Tire size XR650R

I am thinking about trying a Pirelli MT 90 Scorpion AT 140/80/18 on the rear. The bike will be used on the street and I love these tires. Has anyone else used this size tire on the rear?

I routinely run the 140/80-18 Michelin Desert. I have to make sure that I can have the axle back (I like to run the axle as far forward as possible). The tire likes to eat the splash guard, and it will probably rub on the insides of the fender when you bottom the suspension out.

If the chain is not in great shape, the chain will hit the tire when it deflects to the side. It feels like the bike is missing and has to be hard on the transmission (I know from experience). I will put the tire back on when I get my new chain next month.

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