Scots Dampner Mount Survey and ?????????

Hey Guys,

I'm looking at getting a dampner. I'm told Scots offer two bolt on mounts. One goes aroung the oil filler neck and the other around the Steering head tube. Have any of you tried the new steering head mount. I really would like to get the bolt-on so when I buy another bike, I can buy another mount and swap it back and forth.

Help me out guys.



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Hey Bill, I just ordered my Stabalizer a few weeks ago and went through the same thing. They actually make 3 mounts; a weld on, a bolt on that fits over the oil filler and a mount that fits over the steering head. HOWEVER they only make the mount for the steering head for the 2000 YZ/WR's. Bummer... I called and inquired about the steering head mount for the 99's and they told me they had one prototype and it would be aleast the end of August before they would have them in production. I went ahead and ordered the mount for the filler tube, it works just fine. I gotta admit though that the steering head mount looks much nicer than the filler mount. When I asked Scotts if they would be willing to swap out my mount for the new one when it becomes available they told me they couldn't, it would be a used part... The new mount it gonning to run $80! Funny, but I really dont think they could tell if the part was used or not. Kinda disapointing. But hey that's business, I guess if they did it for me they'd have to do it for everyone...

Good Luck!


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I'v ben running the mount that attaches to the oil filler tube on my 99WR for the last 14 months works great---so whats the problem??


All three mounts will work just fine but from an engineering standpoint the steering head mount would be the better of the two bolt-ons due to the larger surface area. I've got a friend (Howard) who has used the oil stem mount with no trouble for over a year. Whatever way you go you will be okay. The fact that Scotts' doesn't rush to production says volumes about the company.

I have a Steering head mount on my 426.

The only problems that you may encounter are seating problems if the guy at the factory was an over eager welder (sort out with a square file). Also you must get a Scotts (or other ?) top triple clamp so as to clear the pin.

I used red loctite on the clamping surface to insure that the clamp doesn't move.

Paul Card

I just got my stabilizer in the mail and it came with a steering head bar mount instead of the oil filler mount.

I have a '99 WR400 and the guy on the phone said it would fit. I sure hope so. I won't be able to find out until next week though when I get time to put it on.

I got the top and bottom triple clamp setup so I wonder if that is the reason they sent the steering head clamp instead.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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I'm running the top and bottom tripple clamps and use the oil filler tube dampener pin mount. Works great.


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