Breather Query

I am posting this for a friend of mine who is an internetphobic ( if there is such a thing ) - he does however own a 98/99 WR400 so is therefore a top bloke !

He has just recently bought the bike which seems to be running superbly , however , the camcover breather hose which emerges by the gearshift lever ( but is routed to the airbox on my '00 WR ) is discharging white gunge . There is not a huge amount but it is there nonetheless.

The bike does'nt use any oil , and the oil itself is not milky or contaminated with water , and equally it does not use any water ( and the water isn't contaminated with oil ).

It also soots sparkplugs up , and leaves a sooty residue on the rear mudguard , although there appears nothing obvious to cause this either ( Air filter clean , baffle removed , 168 main jet )

The only problem we are aware of is that the valve clearances are slightly tight.

has anyone got any ideas as to what could be the cause of these 2 symptons , and are the connected ?

Once again your worldly knowledge is much appreciated. thanks


This happened on my WR but passed with time. It may have had to due with getting water in the breather tube, but not far enough in to get into the engine, when washing the bike, riding through water or on wet roads, and or through condensation.

I rerouted the breather up behind the number plate / headlight and have had no problems since and of course no more oil dribbles on the floor, in the bed of the pickup, or on the motorhome bike carrier rail----I like the reroute--been running this way for about 8weeks now.


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