I am currently riding a older kx 250 (1992) and i want to step up a notch. I don't really want to get a 450 considereing i am on about a 2300 dollar budget but i want a four-stroke. What i am wondering is if you think i can handle a 426. I am almost 16 about 5'11 180 and i am pretty good on my 250. Is the 426 super hard to start and are there a certain year of the bike that is easier to start... thanks for the help

if the bike is jetted right correctly or close to it. it will kick over on the first try. the starting technique is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be.. just make sure you dont give it any gas and it will start up without a problem. (which will be the hard part comming from a 2 stroke) I would look into the 02's, but you cant go wrong with any year of the 426... i just like the titanium valves on the 02s.


ok..im in ur same position..a little bigger though..16..6'1 255..and i just got my first 4 stroke..i had been on a kx250 before..the 4 strokes pull sooo hard and seem to be wayyy more fun..unlimited power..and my 03 yz450 starts first kick..and you can deffinately find a 450 for under 2300..i got mine for 1600..but i needed to get the radiators for it..but i watched an 01 426 sell near my area wil tonnnnns of mods and very very clean..for 1900..so you can deffinately find one..you just have to look..best of luck

i switched just from a yz250 to a yz426f the 426 feels way easier to handle and has power in every place the 2 strokes dont

Thanks for the info... Do you guys know of anything to look for when buying a used fourstroke to make sure the egine is fine..( besides riding it)

before it is started..see if its hot..to show that they rnt comfy with cold starts..(top end sometimes)..chek that sub frame..and the radiators!!haha..umm..it should start relatively easy..maybe at most 5 kicks..depends on when it was last used..mine is a single kick and she's running..and check the air filter unless u wanna wait until ur home..and idk anything else

i just like the titanium valves on the 02s.


The 01's have titanium valves too FYI... :thumbsup:

i did not know that.. i thought the 02 were the first year of the ti valves.. thanks for the heads up.. i guess i was going off the wrong info..


Looking at the frame rails and an abundance of paint, it does look like a low hour bike. I would have to see it in person to tell if it had been touched up or not. Also, look at the foot pegs for signs of wear and check bearings for play if you go look at it.

Eventhough this bike looks to have low hours it does not look very well maintained. Usually if you keep your stuff up you would wash the bike up before selling it. I would have someone you know who does their own oil, bearings, greasing go with you to look at this bike.

Well I'm 16 135lbs 5'10"

I've got a '01 WR426. I can handle it just fine. And I can start it within 2 kicks when its cold. Very easy and reliable. I don't know about any year being easier to start, mines very easy. Just takes a "full" kick, it doesnt really have to be hard, just long. I found mine, (I'll add it to my TT Garage so you can see it) for $1900! I must be doing something right because I am on the lighter side, and I learned to ride that bike in the sand, and never crashed! Just go to the gym every now and then just to stay fit, and you'll be fine.

Good LucK!

Picture 001.jpg (1.6MB, 3072 x 2304)

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