Where Can I Get good Quality STEEL GAS cans

My stock of plastic gas storage cans are giving up the gost and need to be replace. I would like a couple of 5gal good quality OSHA approved steel gasoline storage containers for longer term storage to go with a good quality platic short term use container. I'v searched and not found too much in the way of quality metal containers. Any insight from the forum???



Check in the four wheel drive mags & shops. I think the ones you're looking for are from East-West Creations (or East-West something). I believe they are the ones NATO uses - no horizontal seam along the bottom and the spigots don't leak.


Clark - J & L Industrial has a full range of Osha cans and storage units. Excellent pricing and quick efficient service www.jlindustrial.com

Rich Rohrich

Clark, I've also seen some some decent looking metal gas cans at Target. May be worth a look. They were 5 gallon and I think about $20.

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