diadora boots

Can anyone offer any feedback on the Diadora booots.

I have worn Alpinestars for probably the last fifteen years and my current pair have just about had it. I went to a local shop yesterday and saw that the price for a pair of Tech 8's has gone up to almost $600 Australian.

I have seen the Diadora boots advertised over here for a much more reasonable price. These boots look pretty good and seem to be of a decent quality. However they are fairly new to Australia I believe, and I do not know anybody who has been using them.

If there is anyone on this forum who was been using them or knows someone who does, I would just like to know,

a) What is the quality of the boot like and how does it stand up to abuse.

:) Are they as well designed as they appear i.e. buckles, fit, protection etc.

Thanks guys.

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