can anybody tell me where to purchase a speedo/odmeter for the u.k . england any help would be appreciated :)

Moto Merlin (often in the back of TBM) sells WR's with 'Factory road kits' I'm guessing they'll be the same as the Aussie ones with WR400 written on the speedo, anyway give him a shout and see, otherwise go for a bicycle (digital) speedo with cable, the cabless ones don't work (easiest), or a DT125 speedo which you'll have to make a bracket for (pretty easy).

I had the DT125 speedo but a 'tree jumped out' infront of me and it smashed and at £115 each time for a replacement i decided to go a cheaper route. I now have a KTM speedo and bracket (small, accurate plus clock, stopwatch, etc. works great.

Hope this hasn't just confused matters. Ben


Edmondson Racing stock WR speedo's.

They are the genuine Yamaha ones and are around £40 . they bolt straight on - no problem , but they are in KMH not MPH.

It depends on how picky your local boys in blue are about such things.

Edmonddson Racing are in Norton Caines , West Midlands - thier phone number is 01543 450150.

They are extremely helpful , and pretty knowledgeble on WR's.

best of Luck

Andy Baker

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