2007 YZ450 Recommended Mods for trail Riding (Advise please)

Hi Guys i have been trawling thought the all the threads about fly wheel weights, WR gears and Rekluse Clutches and im not too sure where to start.

Is there anyone here that has a 07 450 YZ they are using for trail riding and has done some of these mods. I am an experienced rider and have had 4 years on my Yz426 previous to this new bike.

I am looking to make the bike more rider friendly in tough technical situations. Before you ask, why i didnt get the WR i dont need the elct start and the weight disadvantage put me off it from the beginning. I also hit the MX track every few months.

My first thing i want to address is the Clutch on the new bike, after riding the clutch and getting through a slow technical section the clutch's free play on the leaver gets very large ! Then after getting some air though the bike and it cools down the free play goes back to normal, anyone else had this?

I am also thinking about getting a flywheel weight or a Trail Tech heavier flywheel so i wind up using the clutch less in technical sections. Any suggestions?


the cluch problem is just the clutch heating up a bit, when this happens you spin that little wheel on the clutch perch until the play in the level is gone and your clutch will be fine again then adjust it back out when the bike cools down.

If you are riding lots of tight technical stuff then the single best mod you can do is to install the Rekluse z-start pro clutch.

I just ordered the heavier flywheel for my 450. From what I've heard this should really help on the wooded tight trails. I also went to a 51 in the rear.

52 tooth is way to slow. lol anyone want to buy a sun-line 52 from me hehe.

if you get a rekluse Z start. don't really matter what one you get. unless you need the feel of the regular clutch. i personally dont like how the regular rekluse is setup though.

GET RAD guards and braces! the yz450f has weak little pansy rads. lol i recommended Scorpion rad guards

GET A skid plate!

a moose one or a flatland racing one.

you need some hand guards i recommend Acerbis they are great. except my clamps dont seat on my handle bars properly...

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