KDX200 Fixed now hard to start!

I have an 84 KDX200 that ran like a champ until I "fixed" it. It used to always start on the 2nd or 3rd kick, but it always leaked fuel when shut off. So I replaced the float valve which fixed the leak. Now if cold it can take more than 40 kicks to get it going and I usually have to swap out the plug, when it starts it runs great and restarts with no problem. Any idea what it might be, could it be as simple as a bent float arm. I finally got the wife to play in the dirt with her own bike, and now here I sit sidelined :cry:

now, unfortunately i dont have an answer but another question, when i have my gas off and put my bike on the kick stand if it is on any slope at all the wrong way then gas leaks out, is my float valve to blame or something else in my carb? Also, is it a hard job to do, i'm not the most experienced with carbs yet

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