I'm in love

And possibly some non scheduled maintenance Bryan. Triumphs have Lucas electrical systems I believe and well Im not real comfy with em.

Dont get rid of your dirt bike for Gods sake!! :)

You can always add a sportbike/Sport touring bike/ etc to your stable. You can find fantastic,reliable and sexy bikes used. The Honda VFR800 for example. It has the single sided swing arm, gear driven cams, want sexy look at this link http://www.wolfracing.co.uk/underseat.shtml

IMHO of course


Nathan Apelbaum

99 WR400F IMS Tank/seat,Scotts full suspension mods,Fastlines front line w/CR routing,Scotts Tripletree,Dampner and Protapers,Scotts shark fin,Big Gun tapered header and muffler,W.R.D. 7.5oz flywheel weight, de-octopussed, Ricky Stator rewind, Air box lid off,UNI Air filter,14/48 gearing,DSC legalizer kit,Work connection frame guards & throttle tube,WB skid plate, Devol Rad guards,Dunlop K139 Frt D606 rear and a couple of other little bits

Ah yes, Lucas, "The Prince of Darkness" :)

Um, what's the old joke..

"Why don't the Brits make TV's? They haven't figured out how to make them leak."

Stick w/Japenese bikes if you want to ride & not repair them.


Bryan, don't do it!! Don't be swayed by the dark side. asthanos.gif

The risk of a sport-bike is too high for me. I sold my FZR to pay for the WR.

Too many kooks on the road. At least with my WR I can jump small obstacles and berm off of the bigger ones.

I know they are pretty, but Nathan has a point about Lucas (The Dark Prince).

Ya know why Brit's drink warm beer? Lucas refrigerators......


Dont get all misty about the bike... Understand this:

Maintenance - Shop does it and will charge about $60/hour

Spares - Tripple what ever you are paying

Fuel - Double

Insurance - Tripple

Death Factor - Quadruple

Hop-up-parts - TRIPPLE atleast

Seriously Bryan, I dont preach much, but this time I will. DONT do it. You will not get the enjoyment you will out of a dirt bike, trust me. If you really want to do road, then get some motard wheels and out them on an XR650.......

See you REAL soon :)


I understand Brian!!! :D

I feel the same way when I see a Honda RC51...Vtwin....faster that the law should allow...stoppies.... :)

Plus I'm only 45 miles from Willow Springs Raceway.... Can you say "Track Time?" :D


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F


I'm with Heywood, too many kooks. I sold my '99 GSXR750 becuase I had been cut off, merged on, etc in the 6 months I owned it here in NM than in ten years riding street in FL. The world has gone crazy on the highway!!! :)

So I bought a boat for the FAMILY!! (Tee Hee) :D


Mmmm.. Triumph!

Mmmm.. horizontally split cases...

Yuck.. Impossible to rebore

Yuck.. UK made but metric (ie very Japanese)

Hmmm.. Sound Cool

Yuck.. Cost a fortune to fix

Yuck.. Little bit slow for a big bore

Hmmm.. have a certain 'Wank factor' :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Vist the Rubber Chicken Racing Online Shop

Discounts for ThumperTalk members.

Hey Bryan, you can't be serious! You already got a wife and a WR!!!

You don't need a mistress! :)


'98 WR400F, YZ timed, main:180, pilot:48, DVR needle 4th clip from top,

snorkel removed, YZ tank/seat combo, YZ front no.plate/rear fender,

DSP Ti exhaust system, Brembo front brake,steel braided hose, EZ clutch adjust perch,

Stroker billet rear brake reservoir

Traffic was backed-up on the way to work in San Diego on Monday morning. A street bike rider was rear-end a few hundred yards ahead of me. :) Listen to these guys Bryan. It's not worth it!

Being rear ended is not likely as long as you split lanes as the traffic starts to slow.


John, somebody forgot to tell the lady in the Ford Explorer! I've seen too many people down on the street in San Diego to buy a street bike. A long time ago I was on the back of a buddy's bike and the guy in front of us apparently didn't like the fact that the bike's headlight was perfectly centered in the back window. He slowed down slightly to draw us in and boom, pounded the brakes (BMW M5)! We only had time to ditch the bike. I skidded on my back for 15-20 yards and got up. Luckly, there were no cars behind us. At least trees don't jump out in front of me!

OK, you are right guys.

When I had my XR650L I rode it to work occasionally. Two times in one summer bad things almost happened:

1) Two lanes going my way, left lane stopped and no on in the right lane. I was going 55 in the right lane and thinking about work. Driver in left lane allowed gap so that driver going other direction could make left turn. That left turn was right in front of me and my smoking brakes. Had the left hand turn driver stopped, I would have been launched. Note: This was stupidity on MY part (even though the left turn was across a double yellow line) and I normally look for that. I just let my guard down for a minute.

2) Driving on 6th ave. Left lane keeping with traffic going about 65 mph. Left reasonable gap in front. Car in front ran over 4x4 sheet of sheet metal. Sheet flew into the air. I saw it right as I almost hit it. One of the sharp edge corners was headed for my chest. I only had time to move my body left. NO time to turn. The middle ot the sheet metal careened off of my right shoulder. 8 inches to the left and it would have pearced my chest and probably killed me.

Add to all this the fact that I don't like to just cruise along like a Harley. I like to push the corners and straights. All that horsepower would get me tickets, hospital bills, and a creamation.

I guess I'll keep sucking up the maintenance dollars and take my chances with trees, rocks and soft dirt.

Dirt bikers are a better bunch anyway!

But it was nice dreaming!


My 1st lot of 'Internal Jewelery' was inserted due to a SCOOTER!

Riding hme one night and lights suddenly went out.. no street lighting and aout 2/10ths of a second later I hit a parked ute.

Just contacted the edge of the tray.

Left forearm at 90 degrees to the rest of my forearm.

Got up.. dragged bike off road and went into a house for help.

While waiting for an ambo they gave me a drink and a smoke..

Had to wait until the next day for surgery.. was a long wait! :)

I've had too any close ones on mates bikes.. many step outs under power on a NSR250 (mmm 2st twin!) and corners come up VERY fast on a VFR 750!

had a ZXR250.. 19k redline was a blast but I've realised at my current age (20yrs) that roadbikes are bad!

Mind you my 51 BSA was good.. couldn't get into much trouble yourself on it.. but its others out there on the road get you..



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Vist the Rubber Chicken Racing Online Shop

Discounts for ThumperTalk members.

not only do you have to consider the fact that the bike is dangerous don't forget that there are still quite a few of us wr riders out there and you better not meet up with us on your pretty new bike or we'll strip you naked paint you yamaha blue and let you loose in San Fransisco!

I used to own a 95 model, and would have been the best bike I have ever owned, WR400 excluded, anyway you can't compare apples with oranges.

Times have changed and in the last 7 years, and they now have the reputation of a very high quality build, and being a very reliable motorcycle. Mine was faultless and I must say that it is the choice of road bike for me, but next time an RS Sprint or a Daytona 955i, hopefully the next time will be in less than 12 months :)


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="http://www.400thumpers.com" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

Geez, you guys are killing me. I've got 150,000 miles on the street and I've never had a problem. Just be AWARE of what's going on. For the person who got rear-ended in traffic... Duh, why in the world would you ever sit in stop and go traffic with all the morons not paying attention talking on their phones when you can scoot along safely between the cars? Actually I saw two car accidents today, do you guys think we should stop driving cars due the potential danger?


MotoGreg - The voice of absurdity

'99 WR400 - 'Cause thumpers rule and two-strokes drool!

'92 GSXR 7/11 (But I wanna get a dope 916)

I might let you visit my photo album for $3 - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - DANGER LURKS WITHIN

Hey forget the scare tactics .... you can get seriously hurt taking a shower.

I love riding the twisties on my Yamaha YZF1000 and I love offroading my WR too. I take my sportbike out almost every Sunday for a canyon strafe. Its sometimes the only riding I do in the week. I have to ride! :D

I like all motorcycling activities except the Harley/Cruiser/ Poseur thing. Who knows when I get older though I might (unlikely though) even ride a Hog :) LOL. I just dont want some piece of #%&* thats in the shop all the time.... or leaving me stranded somewhere.

I went to my health club yesterday after work. While walking in the door, I saw her: Sleek, sexy and beautiful black.

It was a motorcycle you pervs! What did you THINK I was talking about?

It was a brand spanking new Triumph Speed Triple, just like Mitch rode in California from San Diego to San Fran. All black, even the rims, except for chrome exhaust and lights.

I've had her in my mind ever since. Not only was she beautiful, but if I got rid of my WR and bought one, no more tire changing every three weeks, no more oil changes after every two rides, no more replacing bars and bark busters and chains and sprockets and rims and radiators and plastic etc. etc. etc.

Just cruising, cornering, commuting and occasional scheduled maintenance.


Brian M,

What's that other old joke..

Why do Brit's like warm beer? Their refrigerators are made by Lucas..


Had 3 Triumph TR's myself, lots of fun. I prefer the 4 wheel variety on the roads.

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