when fitting a flywheel wieght?

ok ive just fitted a 10oz terry cable flywheel wieght,,do i now need to grind the ends off the bolts?

How much was the 10oz. and shouldn't you be down the pub?

oh yeah, do the bolts hit anything? if not I would think it is up to you if you want to grind them off.

But I have not done that mod.

Mark, what year is your bike? If it's a 2000 or newer model, and you used the 5mm case spacer that is included with the Terrycable kit, you don't need to grind anything. If it's on a 98/99 bike, I'm not sure if you have to grind anything. I would doubt it. A quick call to Terrycable would confirm this (800)854-4691.

i've got a 98 and yes you do have to grid the heads off.......

I've got my WR98 in to the Yamaha dealer right now getting the 12 0z. Terrycable installed. I was provided with a blue spacer that I was told will do the trick on providing enough headspace. I'll let you know.

the flywheel wieght was £95

ive had it a while but resisted installing it as a friend has a yz400 with a 10oz on it,, and the power delivery felt very tame,

ive done a number of enduros without the flywheel wieght, but eventually the stalling got to me, and yesterday i slaped the ty wieght on

the power delivery seems just the same and i rode it on tickover in first gear whilst trailing the back brake,,and still it ressisted stalling

also put on a clark tank,

im gonna keep this bike one more season then see whats new and exciting.

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