Online Manual

I've finished scanning in all the appropriate parts of the maunaul (skipped the bits on cleaning at the start and identification of controls-ie clutch lever, kickstart etc)

Come to 260 pages!! I have alot MORE work to do! :)

I'll start putting it together in a website.. and possibly a .pdf file so it can all be downloaded and stored on your machine.

Will have to 'aquire' Adobe Acrobat 4 to do it but that will be not probs! :D

In the mean time, if you want anything I can post it here until I'm fully sorted out.

Hope this helps someone!



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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Thanks for your efforts. I am looking forward to having this available. Just think, we'll all go from greasy/oily pages in a book to a greasy/oily keyboard! :)

Hope the arm is getting better!


Thanks Matt,

Greasy finger prints on the keys and dirty foot prints on the rug, maybe just move it all to the garage.... naw, bring the bike in. :):D

James Dean

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