Carey Hart is da man!

I was flipping through the latest issue of Sports Illustrated and saw the small article on Carey Hart doing the first motorcycle backflip in competition during the Gravity Games in July. The 4 picture article looked cool and I've wondered since watching Pastrana do amazing tricks when this would finally happen. I hope the Gravity Games are replayed on TV sometime soon so that I can see this cool trick. He's got big cahoona's for doing this!

No doubt about the cahunas. I think it will be played on NBC every weekend in October.

I saw that to. Hesa f---en nut case!!!!!!!!

I'm dying to see footage of that trick. How did he do it? What kind of ramp did he use? Even weirder, how did he practice and perfect the trick to begin with?

The guy is wacked...

I know lots of pros probably don't respect the freeriders but I think some of those guys are amazing riders in any respect. Some of the stuff being done in the Terrafirma and Crusty videos by these guys is amazing, and I'm not talking about the aerials and ramps but the way they attack ANY obstacle. Especially Metzger, Deegan, Hart and Cinqmars. I like watching Kris Rourke too.

But how come none of these sissies ride a thumper! :)

BTW, which issue of SI was that?

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He practiced doing it into a HUGE pit filled with foam rubber pieces.


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There is an Australian version of crusty, and in it there are 2 YZ400's and the stuff they do on them is no differnet, it look excellent to see them in action crusty style.


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