Switched power wire in headlight for 650L???

I just added some grip heaters to my 650L and need to locate a switched power lead in the headlight area that I can splice into to run the heaters. Any idea as to which wire would work best? Color of wire? Where it leads to and from? :crazy: Thanks!

ps. I feel REALLY stupid hooking up a set of grip warmers right now as it is over 100 degrees here today!:banghead:

I think they have a wiring diagram over at 4strokes.


Output of ign switch Red/Black

That goes to the fuses and the following come from the fuses

meter, tail light -> Black

Headlight source -> white/green

Ign -> black/red

I wired mine in with the speedo bulb. Works fine. Just make sure you hook it to the positive wire.

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