yz timing

Hey guys....

Can someone explain to me the pros n cons of changing to yz timing??

I know this subject has been flogged to death, but there seems to be conflicting views about where the gains actually are.

Does it give a wider torque curve?

does it bring the torque curve further down the rev range?

Any info gratefully recieved..



In a nutshell - you get a bike that is completely crazy to ride! More torque, speed and a TON more fun! I find myself holding on all the time now instead of just "putting" around.

I can run circles around my son's tricked out YZ125, and he HATES it!! :)


No matter what we post on this subject, others will disagree. The fact is, it's all personal preference and riding style.

Here is MY opinion and MY opinion only:

YZ Timing:

Better mid range hit

Better high end

About the same low end

A LITTLE more prone to stalling on downhills but I got over that and learned to adjust after just a few rides

Much less engine braking - some hate this but I don't mind. Just more brake pads. I like dragging the back anyway.

Less finicky to altitude changes

Needs hot start less, I have NO idea why

Have to ride the clutch a little more on technical stuff

Does it make me ride faster? NO

Does it make me ride slower? NO

Is it more fun to ride? YES YES YES

I'm NOT going back.

Note: I did put a bigger rear sprocket on and that helped slow crawling performance and lessened the stalling problem but now the bikes top speed isn't as high.

If you say I don't need that extra power to ride faster, you are right! But I know XR400 owners that kick my ass on tight stuff, so if you use that argument, WR timing isn't necessary either.

I ride this bike for FUN and think it's more FUN this way. But, just a little more fun.



I just got the dvp needle this week and changed to yz timing yesterday (in fact in the first hours of today...) I am going to try it with my first jetting attempt in a couple of hours and you should read my feedback. I read all the post about the subject and I know what I should expect. I looking for fun like Brian and running 75% on road.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the downfalls of YZ timing.

When on the road at constant throttle (not accellerating and not decellerating), it hesitates ever so slightly. Just another slight anoyance I have gotten used to.


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