I might be in trouble

The last time I used the WR (2001 YZ timed), it was in May. Last Saturday, I did an oil change and tried to kick start the bike and the kcik starter would block. The decomp would not ease it. I thought it was nothing particular so I just hit it with the side of my boot (not hard) and it unlocked. I did the start routine (yes young fellows, WRs used to be kickstarted and did not have an auto decomp). As predicted the bike fired up easily eventhough I had not been kicking it for over two months. But.... I heard that cling-clang noise that I think was coming from the somewhere bottom of the engine :eek: . So I stopped it right away (within 3-4 seconds). I was like .

The bike was running like a cheetah chasing for its meal the last time I played with it and the only thing I did to it since was dropping the oil and kickstart it. Strange isn't it?:excuseme:

So I pulled the plug and it looked ok so I removed the head cap. The cams were in place. I have a valve that is a little tight but that's it, the timing chain looks good and the tensioner is doing its job. I have plenty of compression and the kickstarter feels just like usual exept when it "blocks"

I still haven't opened the clutch cover or the flywheel side to check if something is loose in there but the sound I heard made me think that some bolt could be totally loosen and free and being shaken up and down and side to side by the rotating parts of the transmission. So I'll try to find some "free swimming part" in there...

I'm starting to dig tonight so if you have any clue or advise to make me save some time and money, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts.

I'm so sorry I missed last week end ride... I guess I'll gain some experience as an amateur mechanic instead.


Since this started out as a locked up kick starter, I would look into the gear train that makes that assembly work. It's not that unusual for one of the gears to break, or the snap ring drop off the idler gear and get in trouble.

Thanks for the advise.

what was the conclusion to this problem?????

i have exactly the same drama going on.

ive pulled the top end down on mine and all looks good.i push the kick starter by hand and it locks up still. im about to pull hte bottom end apart but thought i should look for advice first

i was thinking bearing? not bigend as i have checked that and it feels fine.

im thinkin more bearing in the gearbox etc

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