Re Routing the Breather hoses?

i searched the archives and found no usefull information on the subject but i was wondering which of the million hoses on my carb can i reroute into my airbox to stop the bike from bogging in deep water?


On your carburetor there will be four (4) float bowl vent tubes and one overflow tube the black one that comes straight out the bottom. The two vent tubes which start out pointed up (one on each side) should be routed into the air box. The other two which are pointed down can continue down to below the frame. Make sure the ends are etiher split for 3/4 of and inch or cut on a angle so not to clog with crud.


am i stupid or what i see the four hoses but on my oo wr they all run straight down. there are two hoses on the top and two on the bottom. which two hoses are the breather hoses? is there any way to tell?

It looks like your '00 has a different vent configuration.

'98 WR:


'00 WR:


on the '98, both #57 hoses start out going up.

for the '00, I would guess the #52 hose. By the way it looks, you will need to put in a T connector to run 1 end of #52 down, and 1 up, for both sides of the carb.

Does anyone know if a T is necessary?

Are you guys rerouting to the top of the air box?


thank you very much that diagram is very helpfull! :)

why would you need a t connector doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

James, Yes, I have a '98 and ran them past the top of the shock and into the airbox. Nothing fancy, they just lay in there.

Ray, Glad to help.

why would you need a t connector doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?

It depends on the carb design. I didn't use one because in effect there is already one there (refer to exploded view, T is between #57 & #58 hoses).

You would need one if gas runs out of the hose in question when the bike's on it's side.

No, it doesn't defeat the purpose. The bike stalls in deep water because it draws a vaccum on the float bowl... not because water is getting in. A T will allow fuel to drain if needed, while still venting the bowl when the bottom hose is submerged.

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