What is the difference between the Canadian or Australian DXM and the American DTM? what means the second letter. DTM, DVP ??

I just changed the timing to yz and have little problme to figure out whats happening...


The difference is the distance from the clip position to where the taper starts. DXM has the taper starting 1.8mm further down on the needle. Each clip position is .9mm so this is 2 clip positions.

DXM#5 clip = DTM#3 clip (= DVM#4 clip)

Middle letter rich to lean: R T V X (1 clip each)


If your bike is running rich with the YZ cam timing DVP is .02mm larger on the straight part of the needle. This will be leaner at 0-1/4 throttle. This needle (DVP) and the clip position allow leaning the jetting slightly for YZ timing. DVR is more lean than DVP in the same clip.

Last letter rich to lean: M N P Q R S (.01mm each)

James Dean

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