carb slide plate cracking

I have a 99 wr400fl that has cracked the carb slide plate .The carb body(fcr) looks fine as do the rollers and the o ring is in good shape and has been replaced as well.Anyone have an idea or experience why this happens?Twice on this carb ,the last plate only lasted a couple hours.


It's common on older model carbs. Do a search, this was covered recently.

NSMAN, dont loose your time and money I have put my self a lot of time and money in pieces on my carb I have fix the probleme and buy a new EDELBROOK carb $350.00 on e bay bolt on and all the carbs problemes gone ! :)

I have replaced mine twice in the past five years. Do a search, I don't think anyone has a definite answer as to why this happens.

Thanks for the replies and ref to search.Guess there is no real solution except make a better plate...nsman

I replaced the original carb with one off of a WR450. Works great. No cracking yet.

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