Am I lame or what?

I cant get the front sproket off my WR. When I turn the bolt, the sproket and bolt turn together. :)

Whats the trick to turning only the bolt?

Try the mecanical advantage,put the bike in gear.

And keep the wheels on the ground (don't put it on a stand).

You realize that we could poke fun at you here but are holding back?



Either in gear of get someone to hold the rear brake on for you.



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I've tried putting it in gear and holding down the rear brake. It was on the stand and I had no helper. I'll try putting it on the ground and have someone help me.

No jokes about me being a wuss..I've been going to the gym now for a whole week. It cant be that. :D

Let me tell you that must have been quite a sight last night in my garage. At 11 PM, straddling the bike in just my 'derwear and sandles, trying to hold down the brake pedal with my right foot while bending down on the left side trying with all of my might to break that thing loose :) I'm sure I'll be more sore from wrenching on the bike than riding it.

Hey Slo JT,

A tip I got here on another topic was to put the bike in gear and use a tire iron or prybar between rim lock bolt and swingarm. I never tried it (I own an impact wrench) but I imagine you would stick the tire iron inside the rim, between spokes and on top of swingarm just under the bolt. That way the tire can't spin since the bolt will be stopped by the tire iron resting across the swingarm. Does that make any sense?

But I would be careful not to tear up your rim lock.

Thanks for the tips guys. I'll try the tire iron for sure.

I'm on my way out of town right now to head to S Cal. I'm going to try the old WR (oh wait, I'm old the WR is new :)) at mx on Saturday at Competition Park. Going to drop a tooth on the front sproket.


Place a small socket 12-14mm depending on the size of the countershaft sprocket between the countershaft sprocket and the front of the swingarm chain slider pad. Use the socket to stop the movement of the sprocket. If this fails use a air impact wrench.


Next time at the gym, try using weights!!!!



A guy from Oz on my forum had the same problem, and he took it to the bike shop, but they tried for 40mins with an air impact driver and couldn't get it off, so they gave him the bike back. I think his mate would had a 3/4 drive rattle gun eventually got it off.

I have never had a problem with the WR front sprockets, but I have heard other story's about impossible ones, so as much as some people think this is is funny, all I say is that your lucky that you didn't get the bike with the over tight front sprocket nut.


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Too All

When you first get your bike remove the front sprocket nut grease it with a combination of water proof grease and anti seize and put it back on and torque it to approx 55ft lbs. remember to reuse the stock locking ring/washer.

This way in the future when you want to take it off for the first time it should be much much easier. Kinda like greasing the steering steem and rear suspension component on a new bike!


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Hey SLO,

I was the guy in Aus that RodH mentioned. Every body laughed at me when I couldn't get the front sprocket of my WR, even the guy's at my local Yamaha dealership. I ended up taking the bike down to them and they soon stopped laughing. Three mechanics in the shop tried for ages to get it off before wheeling it back out to me and apoligising for not being able to get it off. They tried everything including a rattle gun which I had previously tried at home with my own.

Next stop was a friends mechanical repair/muffler business. A bigger rattle gun did the trick almost instantly. The only advise I can give is to give up on your own and take it somewhere with the right rattle gun.

This has got to be a lot easier that going to gym anyway.


I had exactly the same problem and asked for a solution on this forum. Clark's answer of using a socket in between the sprocket and the swing arm pad works well. If it is on super tight (like mine was) the socket will probably chew up the plastic pad. I had to use an iron bar as a leaver over my ratchet. The nut came off but I bent the ratchet in the process. Man that was one tight nut! Clark's solution is winner. :)


Grum from Oz

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