Is some one trying to tell me something?

Hello, This is my first post !!

I have not rode a dirt bike in 2 years and I am about to turn 40. I love woods riding and working on my bike. I just bought a 2000 yz 426 and have only rode it up the drive way and back. I had big plans of going with a few freinds this weekend to I 81 sport park and doing some riding. So I figured I would do some maintenace on bike before I go. I noticed the rear wheel bearings are loose so I ordered stock bearings. Here is where my problems begain- (The bike has Talon hubs) I tried to get bearings out at work with press, They where rusted to center spacer I guess that is what you call it and the center spacer went boom, I DESTROYED THE CENTER SPACER!! but I did get it apart and all bearings out without tearing up hub. I thought I could go to local shop and pic up new parts but boy I was wrong. I ended up calling White Brothers and giving my part number of my hub and he told me he would have a whole kit in stock on the 20th of SEPTEMBER!! Now what am I going to do? I must go cry now! Thanks for listening.

If you still have the old spacer you could measure it and have a local shop make you a new one. The only purpose of the spacer is to transfer the pressure applied by tighting your axle nut to the inner race of both wheel bearings. This is to make sure that the bearings spin. All you need is a piece of hollow tube with an inner diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the axle. The tube needs to sit on the inner race of the wheel bearing without rubbing on the seals. Good luck!!!

Yep, call around to some shops, im willing to bet the center spacer is a pretty common size.

I tried to get guy make me one but he is backed up for two weeks. I did get a hold of Talon Engineering, I gave them my number off my hub and they told me they had to ask White Brothers if they could sell directly to me and White Brothers said it was ok. White Brothers is there US distributor. I still do not know how long it will take to get here from the UK but they have already shipped it they said. Maybe next weekend I will get to ride.

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