stupid - i know!

so i bought a 'tank-breather valve' thing(y) you hook-up to your breather line. $5.95. it lets air into the tank and will not let gas out when you've dumped the bike onto its side.

today i was filling my tank and the little metal valve from the 'tbv' fell-out and into my tank. F@#k. i tried to fish it out with a magnet-stick, but no luck. so my question is - how big is the gas line opening (main and res.) leading into the gas cock and carb? the lost valve is about 1/2cm round. will it fit into the gas line and cause problems?

the thing that really kicks me in the ass is, that when i was trying to get the valve out of the tank, i noticed that my gas-cap came stock with a 'tbv' of its own already!

i plan on getting it out anyways. but man what a headache.

stupid i know!

Something previously seen with these one way valves (these are called check valves). Sometimes your tank can become pressurized either due to rising temps or gasses coming out of solution from aerated gas. The result is your gas tank is pressurized, your carb does not work right, you think you have major problems.

To avoid any problems, I have cut my valve out.

Don't worry ToeTag, I don't see how the check valve could block fuel flow since your pet cock has a cylindrical screen protruding upwards inside the tank. Just wait until next ride to drain what's left in the tank and dump out your 'tbv'.

Magnet didn't work 'cause 'tbv' is probably aluminum.

I bought one too because bike seemed to spit up a lot of gas and I didn't think valve on cap was working right. I never had the pressure problems described by KevinNH (but I obviously had some pressure build up) and I ride in some real hot weather, but it makes sense that this could happen. I have and IMS tank now and much less fuel spitting out vent hose.

Seems to me the obvious solution is to take the tank off and dump out the contents.


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