wanted: tips on bar mods for tall rider

I have a 98WR400, am 6'1" and find the bike both cramped and the handlebars too low. I was at a motocross track today and met a guy on a yz125 who had a contraption on his triple clamp that elevated his bar.

I have several questions.

1. Who makes a good bar elevator (I don't know the correct name for this)?

2. How high should I raise the bar?

3. Do these things make the wr easier to handle?

4. Are there devices that both raise the bar and move it forward (without having to spend a ton of cash) or should I just rotate the bar?

Thanks...love the forum.

Not only is the bar too low, it's way too far back. The only way to fix that is to get an aftermarket top triple clamp. Most have a couple of bar positions, both of them farther forward than stock. Or you can get a '00 Yamaha top clamp because they moved the bar position forward for '00. The '00 Yamaha clamp will still have the bars mounts cast in though so you wouldn't gain any height. With aftermarket clamps you can different height bar mounts (like mine are 10mm taller than stock).


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Triple clamps aside...Do you know of anyone that makes a riser that also moves the bar forward. With this and a tall bar I think I would be fine. BTW - how far forward would this triple clamp move the bars?


I'm 6'4" and run an Applied Racing top triple clamp that moves the bar mounts 10mm forward from the stock '99 position. The Applied clamp uses bolt on bar mounts. I run the Thumper Racing +1" (forward & up) bar risers. I just bought the +1.5" risers so I can run the Scotts dampener. The +1" risers are good - the +1.5" will be better. You may be able to get away with the Applied Racing +10mm bar mounts - they are reversible so you can run them +13mm or +7mm farther forward from stock for the '99.

I have a brand new pair of +10mm Applied bar mounts that came with my triple clamp. If you can buy just the clamp I'd be willing to make you a good deal on the bar mounts.


I seen a post of someone takeing the top of bar clanps off of another bike,bolt flipping them upsipe down and put them on the top clamp and use longer bolts to hold your bars on.I tried it on my 00 426 and really like it.this raises the bars about a 1 1\2".

The only downside to using another set of mounts/longer bolts is that as the bars come up they also come back.

Thumper does make bar risers that bolt onto the STOCK WR triple clamp - Give them a call.


What is the phone number for thumper racing and where are they. Brian. Are you interested in selling your +1 up and forward mounts?

Trent - check your email


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