Noisy motor - Solved!

Glad to here a success story that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

I ran mine for 1 year then replaced the fiber plates and springs. I also installa hinson basket as I was going to the 420.


I took my bike to me dealer last week to get the noisy motor looked at. He agreed it seemed loud. Pulled the top end off, set the valves. Took Motogregs advise, pulled clutch apart, put in new plates and put it back together, kicked her over, no noise! Strangely, the mechanic didnt feel that either the new clutch plates or the valves were causing the knock. Who cares, shes quiet now and ready to rock!! One question though, how long are you guys getting out of your clutch plates. Half of season seems pretty short to me!

Maybe basket was a bit loose and when plates were replaced and basket reinstalled this eliminated noise? :)

But, like you said, who cares as long as it sounds okay now.

As for clutch wear I guess it could vary quite a bit depending on how you ride/abuse your bike :D

I abuse my bike but not my clutch. After probably 100 hours mine works fine and plates look fine.

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