Wiring for auxilary lights on XR650L

I'm mounting two small HID driving lights on the stock turn signal tabs on my XR650L flanking my main headlight. The lights will draw 13 watts each, 26 watts total. I'll have a switch on the bars that I want to turn on both of the driving lights independently of the main light.

The HID lights need 12v DC. From looking at the wiring diagram, it looks like the entire XR650L system runs off of DC. Is this correct?

Where is the best place to splice in a hot wire for the lights? Looks like the heavy wire coming from the ignition switch would be a good candidate. The blue and white wire that goes from the starter button over to the dimmer switch would also be good since it gets killed when you push the button to start so the driving lights wouldn't be drawing when trying to start, just like the headlight does. Any better options? Preferences?

Also, is there an obvious ground wire to splice into? Pretty much any of the green ones? On the ground, would I need to worry much about the guage of the wire for the lights I'm putting on? Or I suppose I could run a new wire back to ground on the frame under the seat.

As always, thanks for you help!

Yes it is all 12 volt. The red with black stripe is the ign switch output or you could use the white with green stripe that is the headlight. While those HID lights might only use 26 watts when running, they will need about 100 to start up. If a fuse blows because of it, go one size bigger.

Most any dark green wire is a ground.

With any Honda, green is ground. All of the green wires go to a common ground (as you saw in the wiring diagram), so it really should not matter which green wire you tap into.

As for the power side, I am not sure about where to tap into. I don't have a 650L diagram at my immediate disposal. If it were me, I would run the power for the HID lights directly from the starter relay. HID lights do not draw many watts, but on light ignition they need a tremendous amount of voltage, thus a very large initial draw. This is more of a pain than just 'tapping' into an existing power source, and it will not allow for the cleanest, most OEM looking install, but it will be the easiest to wire and troubleshoot.

I have converted my 650R to DC as I run HID lights.

If it were me, I would have removed the OEM turn signals completely, and modified that part of the wiring harness to run the lights. Here in Montana you do not need turn signals to be legal (cars have 'em and most people don't use them anyway). Heck, you can get a plate for a two-stroke MX bike if you want to.

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