street leagal

Nice bike man is that the wr or yz I heard that getting a stater was a pain in the ass. I plan on doing that to my 06 when it iis time for a new bike.

It's a YZ. I sent the stator to Lakes and Trails, who rewound it for lights. It Took about two weeks but I didn't have to mess with anything. I just sent them the cover and they sent it back ready to go with a separate AC output wires installed. Good deal :thumbsup:

Lakes and Trails? do they have a website or phone number?

could i make my 06 street legal in cali?

could i make my 06 street legal in cali?

nope cant make any dirt bike street legal in California any more

nope cant make any dirt bike street legal in California any more
That straight up sucks!

Have to save up for a KTM...They have some pretty sweet stock street legal motards...

Then keep the yz light and nimble for mx riding...

I have a 2004 YZ450F If I put this kit on it I could ride it in California with a plate?

If you get it plated in another state...

Gray that is a great story, i actually laughed!!!

I have a legal 426 here in maine, a buddy has a legal wr450.

I live in Pa. so thats just a pipe dream! I would have to jam the motor in my DRZ400SM to have a plate!

Read this thread:

You just need a new MSO and VIN and rename your bike.( so the DOL computer doesn't recognize it) Should work in any State. How do you think all those goofy choppers get a license?

Hi I live in Buckeye, AZ. I was wondering, are their any hassles getting DMV to approve an MX bike like an 08 yz450f (provided you have a title and put the lights,switches and mirrors on it) for street use. I was just wondering if it is as simple as putting lights on it and having it inspected and getting a plate. I am trying to find out so I can decide before I choose between a yz450f or wr450 to try to make street legal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Another question. How do those homemade choppers get a lisence and get a plate?

Another question. How do those homemade choppers get a lisence and get a plate?
A lot of things have changed in the past few years, so don't bet the farm on the particulars of this, but in principal, they are done in one of two ways:

> Enough of the original frame is retained so that he bike can be registered as the year/model it was first built. Quite often, we would send customer bikes that we were planning major steering head mods on to the DMV to have the frame renumbered by them.

> They are built as "Special Construction". In this case, it's kind of up to the DMV inspector whether to require emissions and equipment standards based on the year of engine used, or to require current year emissions and equipment.

Check the DMV before making plans.

I don't think florida requires turn signals, can anyone second that? I'm thinking about the headlight taillight deal.

other than the stock light [head and tail] what's the difference between a YZ and WR? I'm planning on getting a used [maybe '01/'02 426] dirt bike to do double duty, motard street and track days and some trails and DS stuff.

does the YZ do well being lugged around trails or should I just plan on picking up a WR?

the reason I ask is a yz426 is easier to find than a wr426

Living in Utah its easy to get almost any bike street legal. I'm working on my 06 450 right now. Just saving for supermoto wheels.

Street legal in Sussex County NJ. Undergoing full teardown and overhaul.

00yz426 legal in oregon.

What do you guys do to prevent excessive engine temps when you are at lights? I have a 01 street tard and I start to worry when i get into traffic and have no airflow over the rads

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