Appalled at Yamaha's parts prices.

I am amazed that Yamaha feels that it needs to break our banks to order what I feel should be very cheap parts.

I just spent a lot of money on things that I actually need for the bike. I hate that. I'd rather put money into aftermarket parts.

but what really tees me off is the outrageous price of two items. The chain guide insert and the chain slider.

I just put new rubber on my tires, bought a new chain and front and rear sprockets (I decided to stay with the 14t in the front and go instead with a 52t in the rear). Paid what I thought I'd have to. No big deal.

Now here's the appalling part. The rear sprocket was a Yamaha Genuine Parts piece for only $27. Yeah, I was suprised it was so cheap too. However, I also needed to replace the chain guide insert which ran me $45 :D And I also had to replace the chain slider which cheated me out of another $37 :) What the %*&@!!!!!! For two lousy pieces of plastic I had to dish out $82.

I am so pissed!


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Dude, why are you buying factory stuff for that? I'm all for factory parts for stuff like brake pads, filters, ect... But a piece of plastic doesn't matter too much. I just got the cheapo UFO sliders.

Supposedly the stuff Ty Davis sells lasts forever, you get both sliders and both chain rollers.


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Do you know how much the Ty Davis sliders cost? Anyone tried them?

I am looking at buying new chain gaurd plastic as well. Any details on cheaper aftermarket stuff would be appreciated. I feel mine has worn out a lot faster than normal by using a 13T countershaft sprocket. I too am going to go with a 14/52 combination.

I saw the Ty sliders on Clark Mason's WR, that's what I'll get next. Only down side is you've got to pull the swingarm to put it on.


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For UFO replacement chain slider $17.00, chain guide $17.00.


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Can someone please tell me where I can find the UFO and/or TM Industries chain sliders and guide blocks? Do they have a web site?

I destroyed a new OEM slider in ~300 miles


I called a couple of months ago on the Ty Davis slider chain guide and rollers .

200.00$ They might last forever, but boy, they aint cheap!


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dont buy the slider that was just mentioned

i tryed one last weekend and it just lasted

the day 5 races of 5 laps. could not belive it? ive been talking to some plastic specialists and i will be milling out my own slider will keep you posted this new plastic

is self lubricating and will not wear out so i'm told

The plastic/nylon wears like iron sliders are made by T.M. Industries and available throught most shops and dealers. I got my swingarm chain slider from Scotts, after going through my 4th stock slider. If I remeember it cost about $75 but I do not think I can wear it out, so if I keep the bike at leat six more months it paid for itself. Buy the way I'm not selling my WZ 420 for a while it is street legal in California and works great.

I just replaced my chain guide with a new CF (what else is there)unit and noticed that my chain rub block inside needed repalcement, and just today I order one of the TM Industries aka Ty Davis chain guide rub blocks from Montclair Yamaha-should be here in a few days.


If you think Yamaha bits are bad.. try Kawasaki!

A spole kit for a KX is about 2x that of a WR in price :)



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Originally posted by belly:

dont buy the slider that was just mentioned

Which slider are you refering to? The UFO?

Originally posted by Wilbot:

Which slider are you refering to? The UFO?

I doubt it was the Terrycable one because mine is bulletproof.

I just called Terrycable and was informed that the sliders and guards are made by TM Designs (which is what it says on the side of my slider). The lady I spoke with did not know if anybody other than Terrycable/Ty Davis/Montclair Yamaha sold these parts (but obviously Scott's has sold at least one to Clark Mason).

Terrycable 1-800-854-4691


Guide is $59.95

Slider is $65.00

And well worth it IMO, especially considering the price of the stock crap.

A point worth mentioning here, especially since I ALMOST spent $2.52 on a Yam. WASHER is that maybe parts deals in moto are just like auto industry. The manufacturer gives the dealers a sort of local monopoly on OEM parts and lets 'em mark up to high heaven to help compensate for the fact that they don't make a decent return on their new car inventory.

And if you added in all the R&D and testing money that has gone into the YZ/WR it wouldn't surprise me if Yamaha is actually losing money on their competition models. I guess the idea would be to lose a little money on 4,000 YZs in exchange for the exposure and then make a killing on 20,000 quads and playbikes (total blind guess on those quantities). So maybe we shouldn't complain :)

What is funny about the $2.52 washer I almost bought is that it is nearly three times the cost of the corresponding bolt (87 cents).

I don't begrudge them their $2.52 washer (especially since you can get an identical one for a few pennys at Pep Boys) but it irks me that oil filters are ten bucks. This strikes me as an area where some money could be saved. Has anyone tried any aftermarket filters?

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Thanks for the info Hick. It looks like I should go with the Terrycable units.

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