chain guide

anyone had problems with chain guides wearing out ? orignal lasted 1500km 2nd even less

anybody made there own

The stock hard rubber doesn't last long. Go with an aftermarket nylon.

my chain guard lasted 1200 mile's it wore through on the weld on top of the swing arm so i took the top off the weld & it's wearing loads better

Are you guys talking chain guide or arm guard? I guess its moot since, IMO, neither are worth a damn.

I splurged for Terrycable kit. For about $70 (I think) you get really hard plastic rollers, "slider" and chain guide (parts are also avail. separately). I've had kit installed for about 4 or 5 mo.s and it is holding up phenomenally well.

I think it was worth every penny because:

1) I bent the aluminum portion of the stock guide two or three times, once bad enough to throw the chain off. Luckily this never happened during a race. Terrycable part is solid plastic and can't be bent. I think there is a one year warranty against breakage. Also, IMO, it clears O-Ring chains better than stock alum (of course, mine had been bent/unbent three times).

2) "Slider" wears 400% better, or slower, than stock rubber piece. Makes a spooky noise at first but you only notice on jumps (when throttle is off and exhaust note is down but wheel is still spinning). It sounds kinda cool actually.

Only caveat for some folks may be that installing "slider" requires that you remove the swingarm. I just took the opportunity to inspect/grease my linkage. It needed it. Plus my lower shock bolt was starting to back out :) Keep an eye, and some thread locker, on that puppy.

[This message has been edited by Hick AGAIN to correct obvious price discrepancy. TM kit w/ rollers, slider and guide is closer to $200 than to $70. Ooops(edited 08-11-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Hick (edited 08-16-2000).]

Recently purchased the TM Designworks chain slider kit, includes the slider, chain guide and the rollers, plus assorted fittings. Cost a whoping $189.00, plus shipping. It should easily pay for itself, the stock slider has the life expectancy of butter on hot toast! Only have 15 miles on it, but going on a long ride in just a few days.

The only thing I noticed on the short ride I did was the increased noise from the slider. It will take some getting used to.

The lower chain guide is all plastic. Had a lengthy discussuion with them on this issue. Would have preferred a plastic insert for the stock guide. They assured me that the plastic is strong, and they have it guaranteed. Having ridden for far too long, I have doubts as to the overall durability of plastic. Will be riding in Colorado and am taking my old stock guide along just in case. There a billions of rocks there and if one has my guides number on it, I want to be able to continue to ride.


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