Cheesy Pics from Stonyford - 7/30/00

Geart pics i got to get me a digigal camra. :)


great pics, now I wished we had not lost you, we all could have been in more. Our loss. Oh well, if a pic of me was taken, it probably would have broke your camera. Good job. After the first rain, Stoneyford is must again.



No worries - I didn't carry the camera with me on the ride. I haven't got my backpack/camera/GPS set up going yet. One of the many projects that must be completed prior to Moab.


Brian are you going to ride the georgetown to tahoe ride the 26th&27th of augest, i will be riding that one also 150 miles a day.Let me know if you want to ride it.


Nope - gonna be in Long Beach that weekend taking care of house selling/moving stuff.


OK :)

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