Fork Stiction

My '99 WR is the first bike I've had with upside down forks. Though they work great through most of the stroke and at higher speeds, they have noticeably more stiction at initial movement than bikes I've checked with regular forks. Is there a technique for eliminating fork stiction in the WR or is it inherent in the USD design?

Thanks for any insight.

first change the fork oil from the standard oil that will solve a lot of your problems

i used a good quality 5w oil at 120 from the top of the fork also check for rust on damper

tube mine had it from new also what damper settings are you using interested in what you are using ? good luck

The stiction is inherent to a degree. Make sure you don't overtighten the lower triple clamp as the inner fork bushing must slide through this area on inverted forks.

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