06'-07' ODO Head Removal

So on the WR's with the digital ODO/Enduro comp, in order to remove the "cable" coming up from the front hub you have to remove the entire "head" or pickup that is effectively the RH side spacer and seal..

With old mechanical ODO's you could just un-screw the cable and cap the threaded connection point at the head. Thus leaving the ODO head in place to serve as the spacer and seal.

So for my 07' I went and got a YZ spacer and new bearings and seals but the WR hub does not provide enuf recessed hub to get the seal to stay in place...

Has anyone done this succesfully with out changing to a YZ hub? And if so, how?


Call Mike at Flatland Racing, They offer a wheel spacer that replaces the stock part.:thumbsup:

Or just use this:


Have one on my wifes 05 WR and it works perfect.

The speedo cap works great on pre 06' WR's :thumbsup: But the 06' 07' models have a hard wired cable into the odo head :excuseme: and that cable is just begging to get ripped off hanging out like it does. I'm gonna see what Flatland has.

Thanks Guys!

I have a 06 and a 07 Both with the Flatland spacer it works great!:thumbsup:

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