black glittery powder in my oil. (I searched before posting and no luck)

Is this the first oil change since the rebuild?? If so it could be assembly lube??

My second oil change since buying the bike. So I'd say second oil change since rebuild.

Doesn't that seem extremely dark for oil with less than 2 hours of ride time on it? I'm used to seeing occasional fuzz on my magnetic drain plug and the oil beiing a slightly different color, but this seems gnarly.

It's hard too see the fine grain particles in the oil in these photo's but it seems to be the graphite looking material that's making it dark like that.

I've been a two stroke and street rider for a long time so maybe I just have scewed expectations.

Is this how the oil looks coming out of the new YZF motors? :eek:

Uh, yes. For two hours of riding? Looks pretty dark and crappy to me. But I ride a two stroke YZ. I know what you mean about the glitter, I get that too, but my oil is never that dark, even after 10 hours of riding.

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