Please help me deciede. Info needed too!

ok, I need help bad!

I'm looking at selling or trading my KFX700 (quad) for some type of dual-sport or plated dirt bike. I need to do this soon too.

I've come across a few for sale by not sure what's good deals and what's not.

1) 2000 DRZ400E plated, FMF Q2 exhaust, Luke's 435 kit, W.E.R. steering stab., newish 606's, trail tech, kick&electric, pro taper bars w/ handguards, desert tank, hmm...I think that's it...for $3900. Is a 2000 a 'good' year? I don't know, a 2000 just sounds old.

2)2006 Honda XR650L, smog pump removed and blocked, rear tail light replaced. Other than that it's stock. Also $3900.

3)2004 Honda XR650R plated, exhaust, jetted, and "uncorked". $4750.

4)or lastly a brand new 2007 (maybe 2008) DRZ400S. I'm sure I can get my local dealer to price match a near-by dealer's quote of $5000. OTD.

Are their any changes to the DRZ-s for 08' other than the colors? I really like the 60+MPG on the DRZ-s compared the the XR-l's 40+MPG, and that the DRZ is a bit better for the dirt. I rode the XR650L on the street. It really almost felt too good w/ too much power. I just can't think that a bike with suspention and power bands like that can do very much offroad...maybe I'm wrong, but it just felt more like a medium cc'ed roadbike with nobby tires.

I should add that I'm 6'3 and 250lbs. I plan on riding it to work (20ish miles each way) and college (also 20ish miles each way), and then of course I hope it can fill the void in my hart offroad after sell the KFX700. The KFX700 has been just a BEAST of a quad btw.

Please help! What do you think is the better deal? I think about this all day and night but can't deciede what to do. Any help/info would be great!!



with your size you are just like me(6'5" 230). your commute is the same also. XR650L is the ONLY choice. the others are too small. this is a good post for the dualsport/adventure forum.

I say the 650L because of your size and it sounds like this will be your first "dirtbike". You will like the 650 on the road better than the 400.

It gets old kickstarting a DS bike so the 650R is out AND the 650L has a keyed ign, helmet lock and a handle bar lock......

Get the 650L and enjoy it. Keep the money you saved by getting the 650L to purchase a more dirt worthy bike later if desired.

XRR. Once the carb is correctly jetted it starts easy, really. Also, in that it's a) plated and B) a CA bike, it's NOT going to lose any value, so if you decide you don't like it there's no downside.

The fact that it'll smoke the XRL and DRZ is just icing.

XRR or XRL, they are very different bikes though.

Kickstarting the 650R is not a problem, it becomes second nature.

(I've only ever had kickstart-only thumpers, except for 1 KTM, and on the KTM the e-start busted after 6 months so I was kicking anyway. No big deal, I actually like the fact that the XRR doesnt have the whole e-start contraption. Simplicity is the XRR philosophy...)

I'd say the main disadvantage of the XRR is the lack of ability to carry heavy loads on the back, if u ever want to tour or something, you need to build up the rear subframe. I love everything else about it.

Main disadvantage of the XRL is that it's old-tech. XRR is lighter, better cooling, better frame, more efficient, more power.

Both are reliable as an ax, parts and service are everywhere.

I'd choose depending on what kind of off roading I was going to do. Both are capable on dirt and street, but the XRR will take you further into the rough stuff, and faster.

I would go with the XRR. Just make sure it was plated before the cutoff (2/28/04) or there is a small chance that you could lose the plate when you transfer the title. Also, $4750 sounds kind of steep unless the bike is in great condition with a bunch of upgrades.

If it was me, the XRR is the choice. It is the beast of the three. Kickstarting is not an issue, mine starts first kick most times. What I have a problem with is leaving it "where ever" when you do go to work or school. If you have a safe place to leave it unattended while working or in class, then this will not be an issue. I do not like to leave my bike unattended, but then again they could steal any of the three bikes if they want to. If all three bikes were side by side, and I was a thief and wanted to steal one, it would be the XRR.

The XRR is a high performance race bike, but I would say for many the other two may be a better choice for a daily commuter. However, if dirt riding is your passion, then the minor inconveniences of using the XRR for a daily commuter will be nothing compared to the happiness and excitment of hitting the trails with a 650R! :thumbsup:

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