Recommendation - Over the boot riding pants

First off, let me say I do not want some LBZ Frezno Smooth gold velvet looking pants. I currently wear Moose XCR pants and am extremely impressed with the fit & functionality.

I need/want a second set of pants for the Moab trip and thought I'd try the over the boot style if & only if I can find a pair that are comparable to my XCR's for fit - I wear a CTI knee brace & firmly believe in 'say no to crack', function and lack of flash.

Any recommendations?

I've been using Sinsalo D-Lux pant and like them. My local motoshop gave me a pair of Shift Racing cargos to try. I don't like the big pocket. Get caught on the brush all the time. . .

Brian, I also forgot to mention, the Trask pant is very, very tough. The entire knee area is 800 denier cordura (nearly bulletproof). I've beat the tar out of mine and they are still in great shape. They also have lots of room in the knee for a brace. I highly recommend.

Ditto for the Moose Trask pant and jacket set-up. Quality stuff you can wear summer or winter. The winter jacket has a perfect match match for stylin!


I also wear the Sinisalo D-Lux pants and highly recommend them. I wear CTi braces and these pants are the toughest yet. The rest of the pants offer excellent fit and wear.

Scott F

I too ride with Moose gear however; I have the Trask Mountain Jacket and Pant. I wear them year-round and I love them.

They breath pretty well and they are total waterproof.

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