Neil aka '00 in Calgary

I live in Cranbrook and am wondering if you know anyone selling a '99 or '00 WR 400. If you do would you email me:

Thanks, Trent.

ok.. I'll keep my eyes open. I happen to HAVE a 00wr400 so what are you thinking for price range you're willing to pay. My bikes are always up for sale for the right price :) oh yeah..and this WR is in great shape. low miles/hours (found out after purchase how few friends have bikes & time to play with) As well, I could sell off a bunch of crash gear.. :D I've been thinking about WHY I own this beast. It is an amazing scoot... but I suffer from a bit of buyers remorse. let's talk.

Hey 00inCalgary,

My email address is and my phone number is 250.489.1330...drop me a line with your email and phone number and I will call you.


Neil, whereabouts are you doing your riding? Maclean, Waiporous, Blackfoot? Other palces you could recommend?

I too am in Calgary. I have a '99 WR that I have converted for dual purpose use. I am glad to see the weather has cooled off and look forward to doing some fall riding. I feel a trip to Waiporous coming on soon!


hey there..

So my addr is

I'm in the west central (lakeview) part of cow town. ...and damn, yeah I have the damned buyers remorse... mostly because I've been kinda busy this summer and not riding enough ... street or dirt.

Next week I'm going to haul it to N.Saskatchewan (54N lat 104W long)and tear around on the sandy fire & pulp haul roads. I have a place to hang out while up there and can ride it to and from the door of the cabin :) The area is actually canadian-shield terrain with rugged bedrock and many many pine trees and no population. ..and ... there's literally thousands of backcountry roads running through the countryside. It might change my outlook on the blue beast.

sooo... thanks for the interest. I'll give you a shout when I get back. I should have some video of the riding.


Hey Fershy...

McLean, Balckfoot, Wiaprous.... those are the spots to go. I've been to Blackfoot & McLean Creek, most other plces are regulated away from us. I've been tempted to haul the scoot to B.C. where the OHV regulations are much more relaxed. But Trent mught have an opinion on THAT. :)

I am truely a novice at the dirt scene and because of that, I have a bit of trepidation towards riding alone. I have 25 years of street racing/riding under the belt but, as you now, the dirt is a completely different animal.

Next week will be a deciding week for me. I am going home to 'scatchwan and the top half of the province is bush-country.. with no regulations! You don't even have to license/register your OHV bike in that province. .. just don't ride it on the roads...

I'll see if it still agrees with me after next week.. or whether I will sell the blue beast and put the cash (and some more) towards something like an RC51 or R1100S or a TL1000s or a used Monster.. :D I figure if you're going to own it, you might as well be riding it.


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