fluids on a 04 yz85


I have a 2004 yz85.

What kind of coolant do i need to get?

How much, and what kind of oil should I put in the crank case?

thanks, Joe

i need help guys, please....bump

50/50 water antifreeze and for tranny oil i use bellray gear saver. sorry if my spellings off sticky keys are on so i have to figure out witch key is witch

For the gear box I like Rock Oil personally and 50/50 is a good mix as mentioned above.

okay, thanks alot guys, and is there something to measure the oil that comes with the oil, I know its like 500mm or something that has to go in there? and regular anti-freeze, nothing special?

My son's yz 85 takes 5ooml of oil. The thing I can't figure out is how to check the oil level after you've filled it!! I heard there is a screw on the opposite side of the engine that you can loosen and as long as oils flows out of it you're at the right level. Can anyone confirm this and do you have any photos of where this screw is.

for radiator fluid ive always drained the stock stuff and used engine ice, makes the bike run a little cooler if you are riding in sand or just like to keep the revs up.

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