Repacking 2005 yz450f muffler

Spent some time recently on the correct way to repack the stock muffler on this forum and found out that the stock core does not come out of the stock muffler or mid pipe. Some of you may say DUH! but it was a question that has been asked in the past that has not been answered. It is welded to the midpipe. Another suggestion was to use stainless steel allen bolts: 1/4"-28(fine thread) 3/8" long for ease of repacking in the future instead of drilling out the rivets but I can't find them anywhere in the Phoenix, AZ area? So it might help those who don't want to waste their time trying to find them even though it sounded like a good idea. I also reused the fiberglass mesh that was wrapped around the core with fresh fmf repacking on the outside. I called 2 Yammi dealers and a parts store in town and neither could tell me about the fiberglass wrap that is around the core and where I could buy more? I was expecting to get a part # from Yamaha but? Also, I hope the high temp RTV I bought is going to withstand the high temps that the pipe puts out? It's rated for 700 degrees. BTW, I got into this because I purchased a Pro Moto Billet end cap with the silent insert so I might as well do the repack job at 55 engine hours?

5TA-1469A-00-00 (1 required)

5TA-1469E-00-00 (2 required)

That was easy. Probably won't find any anywhere, though. They retail for $147 for the set. :smirk:

That's a Yami # right? So much for those 2 shops!

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