Take 3mins to protect our interests - Roadless initiative

Hey everybody,

I don't know if this has been put in front of us yet. But ckick on the link below to generate a form e-mail against the roadless initiative. It takes less that a couple minutes.


I embellished it quite a bit so it took longer than three minutes but its done.


I always add the thing about dirt riding with my 11 year old son and that I am helping mold the future of America during this special family time.

A real tear jerker.

done :)

Done, I'll do it from work again tomorrow.

Done Deal!


So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="http://www.ruts.org

" TARGET=_blank>www.ruts.org





John, Thanks for calling this to our attention. We all need to get more involved in this fight.


I played big on the "lack of retail sales due to decreased tourism/visitors" angle. As a Canadian, they may not listen to me, but I added my 2 cents anyways. I do believe that working on an economic level, the bureaurcrats MIGHT pay attention.

Too bad the "OFFICIAL" comment period ended in mid July. They probably time these things so only the informed Greens get their comments on record and ours go in the archives for future reference!!!



Can someone help answer these questions for me? How is it that in other states people can ride on public lands? Are these "Public Lands" state parks? Federal Parks? State Game Lands???? I live in PA minutes from several state parks, state game lands, etc, but I can only ride on private land.

I don't know, maybe there are some public lands to ride on in PA, but I haven't heard of any. If there are any will someone inform me of where these are?

I sent the email agianst the road initiative and am glad to help you guys out.



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