18" vs 19" rear wheel, paddle tire

Hello all,

I have been looking on ebay for a rear wheel for my 03wr450 and found a few, bid and lost. anyway i see a lot more 19" wheel from yz's and they say they will fit a wr450. Is there enough clearance with a paddle tire? and do all the other measurments work out like swing arm spacing? I am not opposed to buying a 19" rear wheel for my sand tire as long as i know it will fit okay. This has more then likely been addressed some where on this site, I looked in the faq, but didn't find an answer. thanks for you help.

The overall diameter of tyres for 18" and 19" wheels are the same. The profile is smaller for the 19" rim so instead of say a 110/100-18 for an 18" rim the equivalent 19" would be 110/90-19, both having an overall diameter of ~26.7". I run a 150 road tire on my 'motarded WR with no clearance problems so you'll be fine.

Most of the carcasses used to make 19" paddles have a low profile vs the big sidewall of an 18", I'll bet the OD of a 19" vs an 18" paddle is about the same. I have a 19" 12 blade made with a maxxix IT carcass on a 97 CR250 chassis that fits awsome.

Thanks for the input, I can now expand my search.

Just picked up a 19" wheel with a 110/90 paddle on it already. This was off of a 2001 YZ426. Put it on my 2006 WR450 and shreaded the pismo dunes for 5 days. Oh yea, no clearance problems

cool, jump up to Oregon for ride some time!

Finally made it to Oregon. Florence. Was Awesome can't wait to get back. Very nice emergency rooms in Florence too! Ouch to the Ribs. The 19 inch rim had nothng to do with the crash.

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